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Thank you for your interest in TOMBOLO 2019.

This application is open to artists across all disciplines. 

Below is a detailed outline of the project and guidelines for your application.



TOMBOLO 2019 will take place on Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula in West Cork, the most southerly tip of mainland Ireland where the rugged coastline meets the wild Atlantic Ocean. This historic headland marks the site of a nineteenth century signal tower, a copper ore mine and Marconi’s wireless telegraph station. The views from the headland span the sandy beaches of Barley Cove, the Fastnet Rock and Cape Clear Island.

The sheer scale, beauty and magnetic draw of the wild headland enables the creation of an innovative and illuminating exhibition trail that encourages an open and relaxed discussion between the artists and the audience. The ambitious artistic aim of Lay of the Land is to drive artists and the experience of art outwards, into the wilderness, to forge a deep connection between visual art and land.

LOTL projects create a space where artists can challenge the notions of how culture can exist in isolated and rural locations. The artists are selected through a competitive callout process and are chosen based on their artistic merit, with a priority on artists whose focus is on community engagement, sustainability and collaboration. During the residencies artists are provided the time, freedom and resources to develop ideas and techniques that challenge their artistic practice and encourage audience engagement and participation.



Logistically the project will be divided into two stages. The first stage will involve a two-week residency that will see six artists living and working together on site at Brow Head, producing artworks to be exhibited in situ. The second stage will be an exhibition of the artworks produced during the residency, it will be open to the public and will run for four days. Additionally the weekend will feature a series of workshops and exhibition tours.

In order to make a successful application you need to be available to live and work on site in West Cork on the following dates.


Artists arrive at Galley Cove          28th April

Residency                  29th April - 15th May

Exhibition Weekend             16th - 19th May

Take Down         20th May.

Artists will have time off during each stage of the project. They will need to be present during the exhibition weekend and for takedown. The participation of the artists over the exhibition weekend is paramount to developing lasting connections with the audience.

Please note that a team of production crew and volunteers will arrive in the second week to help build the exhibition infrastructure, support the artists with the install of their pieces, and assist in the takedown.

Because of the nature of the project we will not be able to accept applications for artists to live elsewhere over this time.


LOTL creates the circumstances where artists can take their practice outside the confines of a traditional studio space and gallery setting and present new work in remarkable outdoor locations. The residencies provide the artists with the time and financial support needed to develop new ideas and approaches. They create an environment for dynamic artistic practice, expand support networks for professional artists and encourage collaboration and discourse between the artists. The residency framework gives the artists the power to set the parameters for collaboration and group discussions; each artist has the opportunity to voice their thoughts and all contributions are acknowledged and valued.

The reaction between the artists and the land directly informs the way in which the audience will experience the work. Geography, locality, community and history will feature strongly. The art is drawn from the local and national history of the peninsula, from the relationship between the land masses and ocean, and by integrating knowledge from the surrounding communities.

Candidates will be selected based on their artistic merit and where themes of environment, community, heritage and collaboration are intrinsic to, and reflected in their work. TOMBOLO endeavors to continue to foster the relationship between our artists and the land and create a direct connection between community members and artists that lasts well beyond the scope of the project.

Participating artists must be considerate of the labour (man power) and costs involved in the construction of their pieces, with reference to the resources available. LOTL will ensure that there will be a crew of technicians and volunteers on site in the lead up to the exhibition, however, responsibility of executing each artwork to the standard expected of the project falls on the artist.


Committing to this project means that as an artist you are open to sharing knowledge, collaborating, working in the outdoors and are respectful of the environment. The onus is on the artist to research, secure and arrange delivery of materials to the site along with tools/equipment they think may be needed to build the artworks. LOTL are happy to pool their resources with the artists in this respect.

It is important that the artists really consider the materials they choose to use, It’s impact on the land and how to dispose of unused material correctly. The artists must take full responsibility for the artworks they produce after the exhibition unless decided otherwise as the project develops.


Lay of the Land is part funded by The Arts Council of Ireland. TOMBOLO is defined by an organisational philosophy that prioritises fair pay and excellent support structures for their participating artists. 

-Bed, board and transport is covered by LOTL for the duration of the residency, exhibition and takedown. 

-A stipend towards transport costs of getting to and from the site will also be paid to each artist (From within Ireland to Brow Head). 

-A materials budget will be available to the artists and will be allocated to the art works as the project develops. 

-Each artist will receive €2000 as payment for the time, ideas, labour and skills that they expend in creating and presenting work to the public.


TOMBOLO is site specific and the works produced during the project cannot be proposed until each of the artists spends time on the site. Please note we are NOT looking for specific proposals of pieces of work.

Please include the following information:

1. Up to date CV, Artist Statement, Bio and a Reference.

2. Examples of previous artwork, include photos and/or video links.

3. Please answer all six questions and please keep answers under 500 words each.

-Tell us about your relationship to the land?

-What does community mean to you?

-Tell us about the last adventure you went on…

-You have an idea….Then what? / Describe your creative process?

-Why is what you do important?

-Why do you want to be part of the TOMBOLO project?


Please send your application and all supporting material in one PDF, max size 10MB.(Please title you files with your name)

Complete your application and email it to by end of day on Sunday 3rd of March, 2019.

We will let you know whether your application was successful or not by the 15th of March.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email at