A Site Responsive Art Project

by Kari Cahill + Hazel Mc Cague  

We are a visual arts organisation creating and curating site responsive projects in Ireland.

We produce powerful, imaginative and considered projects that encourage artists and their practice to engage with the landscape surrounding them, while forging deeper connections with local community and the history and heritage of that landscape.  

Our projects include exhibitions, residencies, dialogue, short term projects and workshops in an ever growing number of remote locations throughout Ireland. 

We support emerging artists whose practices focus on the landscape, and where themes of environment, community, heritage and collaboration are intrinsic to, and reflected in their work. 

LOTL. Site responsive Art Project.

Artistically our aim is to drive artists and the experience of art outwards into the wild landscape of this island

We believe that the interconnection of art, nature and people can be transformative. Our projects create greater accessibility to the arts in rural communities while allowing the visual arts to stand alone as a valuable and necessary cultural activity and experience. 

The project’s success depends on individuals and organisations dedicated to unique and progressive artistic endeavours. The project is enabled by crowd sourced funding, local businesses, and supporters of the arts throughout Ireland. 

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We are always open to new ideas, and locations for new projects. Please get in touch if you have anything to share.