tombolo 2017

Following on the success of TOMBOLO 16 we return to Brow Head for the second Installment of TOMBOLO.

For the month of September eight artists - Emily Robyn Archer, Kari Cahill, Sophie Gough, Hazel Mc Cague, Rosie O'Reilly, Felix Power, Theo Shields and Anna Wylie engaged with the landscape at Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula, West Cork. During the time spent on the tombolo headland they developed and produced site responsive sculptural installations.

TOMBOLO supports emerging artists whose practices focus on the landscape, and where themes of environment, community, heritage and collaboration are intrinsic to, and reflected in their work

We believe that the interconnection of art, nature and people can be transformative. Our projects create greater accessibility to the arts in rural communities while allowing the visual arts to stand alone as a valuable and necessary cultural activity and experience.

For the culmination of the project the public were invited to journey to the tip of the Mizen Peninsula to experience the site and the works that respond to it. The exhibition was open to the public over the weekends of the 22nd of September and 29th of September 2017.

TOMBOLO’S success depends on individuals and organisations dedicated to unique and progressive artistic endeavours. The project is enabled by crowd sourced funding, local businesses, and supporters of the arts throughout Ireland. 

TOMBOLO has been part funding to date by The Arts Council of Ireland and by Cork County Council and through FundIT's crowdfunding platform. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the project.