CALAFORT will take the form of a Travelling Lab celebrating Arannmore island’s natural and cultural landscapes. This powerful, imaginative and considered project will take artists to a profound level of engagement with the community and heritage of Arannmore. The project supports artists who primarily focus on landscape, whose themes of environment, community, heritage and collaboration are intrinsic to, and reflected in their work.

Please read below to find out more about Calafort, to learn about the artists and the exhibition weekend.

 Project details

Island culture is rooted in the idea that the land has always provided. From the depths of the bogland to the far reaches of the sea there are stories in every nook and cranny. Stories that honour the natural resources abundant in the landscape and encapsulate the industrious nature of islanders.

Sparked by the “community within communities” aspect of Arranmore Island and the unifying force of shared heritage, Lay of the Land will create an art piece that will encapsulate these elements of island life.

Lay of the Land will spend two weeks in residence on the island gathering plant material, learning old ways of bygone industries, and engaging with the rich heritage of Arranmore. Through storytelling, conversations and research the artists will capture and catalogue their findings using their lab, enlivening the connection between culture and land.


The lab will be located at the Community Centre over the weekend of 13-15 September. The public are invited to come and share their knowledge and experiences while foraging for plants to make inks and dyes.

Over the weekend the stories will be recorded. Each contribution will be marked by the gesture of tying a knot, thus creating a collective art piece that signifies shared experiences.





Liadain’s knitwear project began from a desire to create sustainable, ethical & functional  garments that leave a happy footprint on our earth.

Embracing a slow and considered approach, her creations are born in the practical. Yet they speak for themselves in their irreverent colour combinations and playful patterns that push the boundaries of traditional Irish knitwear.

Liadain joined us on RES 2 - Port where we developed CALAFORT. Through our conversations around the hearth we knew we wanted her to be involved in this project - not only for her knowledge of knitwear heritage but also her hands on approach to making.



Using textiles, mark-making and mixed media Ciara produces artwork as a reflection and exploration of material culture, folklore, folklife, tradition and the ephemeral.

Ciara’s practice also includes a social and collective dimension, in particular in healthcare and educational settings. Through socially engaged art practice she endeavours to create social change through collaboration with individuals, communities and instititions in the creation of participatory art.

Ciara joined us on RES 1 - Kerry where we were delighted by the diversity of her practice, and her approach to community. We believe the project, and the island will benefit greatly from Ciara’s practice.



Exposure to new cultures, landscapes, people, places and things has engendered a sense of openness and freedom that has contributed to a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach in her art practice.

Hazel began her career in woven textile design moving towards large scale installations. She loves to work in a variety of mediums from fabric to wood to rope with an emphasis on reusing and repurposing old materials.

Currently, she is getting back to her roots and reconnecting with the landscape. Her work now focuses on the relationship between textile design and sculptural installation. 



Kari’s work aims to close the gap between physical and emotional experiences of place. She is drawn to the idea that we are from the land, and that through our experience of it we begin to embody its essence.

The word “landscape” not only refers to the topography of an environment, but also to its existence within society, consciousness and experiences. As we move through our existence we traverse thousands of constantly shifting landscapes – both geographical and experiential - moulding them around us. They shape how we think, move and express ourselves. Kari likes to think of this concept as our “landscape of experience”.

Kari uses painting as a vehicle for exploration of texture, movement and light, often experimenting with inkmaking from natural materials.



Fellipe is a story man. He has documented over 15 countries, from the depths of the Amazon, to the intense urban landscapes of Sao Paulo, New York and London. After creating the documentary for SILVA and working with us on TOMBOLO, he knows the ins and outs of working on-site with the LOTL crew. Fellipe will be the man behind documenting CALAFORT as well as capturing some incredible stories from the islanders. We’re excited to see what he produces!

Island Liason

Fiona is a musician, irish language enthusiast, and all round cultural connector. Her family hail from Arannmore, and she now lives on the island with her husband Jessie and three girls.

Fiona has recently become the Island’s “Údarás na Gaeltachta Pleanail Teanga” and it seems that there isn’t an islander who isn’t looking forward to seeing the projects she will implement as the new Language Planner. This toegtehr with her enthusiasm for connecting people makes her the ideal island liason for the project.


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Arranmore is located in the North Atlantic off the Donegal Coast. Ferry Services run from Burtonport in Letterkenny.

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