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Kari is a visual artists living between Dublin, and the West Coast of Ireland. Her work emerges as 3d sculptures as well as textural paintings of the natural lanscape. 

She is occupied with the notion that in order to understand where we come from and the elements that form us both evolutionarily and culturally, we must first find a way of accessing the natural world. She believes that this has the potential to create and facilitate a sense of belonging - one that may give us the courage to fight for ourselves and our place in this world. Kari's works are visual interpretations of the experience of the natural world. 

She believes that by drawing the viewer out of the gallery space, and into alternative spaces, she can create and facilitate the production of art works that engage with the audiences inhabiting those spaces.




Helena’s work is mainly driven by the concept of immersion. She creates large scale installations she believes are sanctuary spaces, often inspired by Zen design principles. Her work touches on the sublime and aims to evoke a sense of awe in the viewer. As a scenographer she is interested in creating spaces where upon viewers can place their own narratives.

Helena is a multi-disciplinary artist, filmmaker and educator. She has a BA in Film & TV Production from The National Film School, IADT in Dublin and an MA in Art & Media Practice at University of Westminster, London. She works across mediums including video, Fulldome (films projected on the inside of a dome), performance, large scale aerial sculptures and interactive installations.



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Clare’s work focusses on images of oceans and seas; on remote islands and on glaciers as a means to discuss the history of exploration, migration and climate change and in doing so, to observe how this might inform our understanding of the human condition.

Clare has been teaching etching in the Graphic Studio Dublin for ten years. In 2013 she co-founded The Floating Press/ Mobile Print Project with the artist Niamh Flanagan. The Mobile Print Project endeavours to take printmaking out of the studio through a series of workshops that teach printmaking in school and business environments.

Clare’s work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Ireland and the Office of Public Works in Dublin, amongst others.





Exposure to new cultures, landscapes, people, places and things has engendered a sense of openness and freedom that has contributed to a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach in her art practice.

Hazel began her career in woven textile design moving towards large scale installations. She loves to work in a variety of mediums from fabric to wood to rope with an emphasis on reusing and repurposing old materials.

Currently, she is getting back to her roots and reconnecting with the landscape. Her work now focuses on the relationship between textile design and sculptural installation. 




Fellipe Lopes is a Brazilian documentary filmmaker who is motivated by the desire to seek out culturally diverse projects and people. His work has taken him from the intense urban environment of São Paulo, to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest where he lived among tribes for six months capturing the essence of their daily lives. He cycled, ran, and walked the Camino di Santiago with his camera. He also creates visual content focussed on the urban environment.  

Lopes’ documentary brings us deeper insight into the making of SILVA as the artists create a series of large scale art installations inspired and informed by the natural woodland overlooking the wild landscape of the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. 




Native Tasmanian Eoin is at home in nature. Growing up between Ireland and Australia gave Eoin a rare opportunity to embrace both cultures. He's been working the festival circuit pulling in his engineering degree skills along the way, making him a great asset to the LOTL team!