2019 PROgramme

2019 has been a whirlwind of creative projects! We have worked with an incredible team of artists and crew( from as far as Mexico and Australia, and as local as down the road) to produce an engaging and immersive collection of artworks in wild and beautiful locations around Ireland.

We still have the wind in our ears from TOMBOLO 19 which was our most ambitious project to date. This year marked the beginning of a new series of short-term, site-responsive residencies ‘RES 1-3"‘. The first took place in Kerry in March at Lauragh. The second and third at An Port, Donegal in July.

Follow this link to see our Past Projects.

Finally we have an entirely new site-responsive art project called Calafort which will take place in Árainn Mhór. This will round up our 2019 programme so we hope to see you on the island!



Travelling lab celebrating the islands natural and cultural landscapes.

Island culture is rooted in the idea that the land has always provided. From the depths of the bogland to the far reaches of the sea there are stories in every nook and cranny. Stories that honour the natural resources abundant in the landscape and encapsulate the industrious nature of islanders.

Sparked by the “community within communities” aspect of Arranmore Island and the unifying force of shared heritage, Lay of the Land will create an art piece that will encapsulate these elements of island life.

Lay of the Land will spend two weeks in residence on the island gathering plant material, learning old ways of bygone industries, and engaging with the rich heritage of Arranmore. Through storytelling, conversations and research the artists will capture and catalogue their findings using their lab, enlivening the connection between culture and land.

The lab will travel to three locations on the island over the weekend of 13-15 September. The public are invited to come and share their knowledge and experiences while foraging for plants to make inks and dyes.

Over the weekend the stories will be recorded. Each contribution will be marked by the gesture of tying a knot, thus creating a collective art piece that signifies shared experiences.



We are always looking to collaborate and work with artists, crew and volunteers. If you like the sound of what we do, love the outdoors and the opportunity to have loads of craic follow the links below to find out how to get involved in our upcoming projects.

If you would like to chat about future ideas or possible commissions more, please send us your ideas and thoughts via email.



If you would like to get involved as a volunteer please follow the link to see more details.

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All Lay of the Land projects are supported by the Arts Council, Cork County Council and are part funded by you, our audience, through generous donations of you. Thank you for believing that art is a valuable, transformative force.

100% of donation go directly to supporting and sustainaing Lay of the Land projects and artists.